COSMOS is an IA solutions platform to optimize energy consumption so that not one drop of energy is wasted, neither from machines, nor from people.
True augmented intelligence to do more with less energy
Drive energy efficiency
We help mining and heavy industries in their energy efficiency journey with a proven and systematic approach to extract the full value from our AI solutions.
Anticipate and optimize
Using deep learning algorithms, COSMOS can predict the best operational scenario for transporting fleet and reduce energy leaks without the need of installing any hardware.
Deep learning and computer vision
COSMOS has created a complete ecosystem of data by converting heavy equipment, like dump trucks and shovels, in providers of data for the whole operation.
COSMOS is also integrating Computer Vision solutions to monitor interactions between equipment.
What We Do
We help mining companies to speed up their digital transformation and manage energy and GHG projects. Our solutions help with:
Traffic guidance and speed optimization
Optimizing traffic management with dynamic traffic management intelligence, fleet allocation and real time notifications to dispatchers and operators.
Fuel optimisation
Predicting in real time the fuel level of equipment and determining the best moment for refueling.
Variability management
Optimizing queuing ratio through minimizing variability in the loading cycle and hauling cycle, improving loading times, efficient allocation and reduced in-cycle idling.
Road and tires conditions
Optimizing road design to ensure haul
routes are as short and optimized as possible. Continuous road condition monitoring to avoid separation and increase tire life.
Let's have a talk
Whether you're curious about features, a live demo or looking for a specific solution - we're ready to answer any and all questions.
The energy the world uses already exists somewhere in the cosmos. However, the ability of humans to capture it is limited. That is why when we do acquire energy, it becomes our responsibility to use it properly.
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